October 2017

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Azan Cigars are the result of over 400 years of combined experience in tobacco growing, cigar blending and manufacturing and is supervised by a group of retired Cuban cigar experts. All are devoted to making the only Cuban Cigar brand ever made by Chinese, into a product with exceptional quality.


Azan- Burgundy Robusto Tubo
艾赞- 罗伯图雪茄 (鋁管)
4 7/8 x 50
Package: 10-Count Box

Azan- Burgundy Robusto
艾赞- 罗伯图雪茄
4 7/8 x 50
Package: 20-Count Box

Azan- White Premium Robusto
艾赞- 纯白系列 罗伯图雪茄
4 7/8 x 50
Package: 10-Count Box

Azan- White Premium Campana
艾赞- 纯白系列 坎帕纳雪茄
5 1/2 x 52
Package: 10-Count Box

Azan Maduro Natural Supremo
艾赞- 马杜罗系列天然至尊雪茄
5 x 58
Package: 10-Count Box

What makes Nicaraguan tobaccos so specific is their aromatic richness combined with great subtlety, the perfect compromise between power and pleasure. It is no wonder Nicaragua is described as the new cigar "Eldorado". Cumpay are manufactured at the Tabaco Segovia factory. In the Indian language of the "Tawakha", an indigenous tribe that lived on this land, "Cumpay" referred to the rolled tobacco leaf. Cumpay cigars are Maya Selva's latest creation. They were launched in 1999. It's a uncommon cigar, she says, for three different reasons at least: "Nicaragua's three terroirs are used in it: Jalapa and its thin clay soil from which the wrapper and binders are made, Estelí and its volcanic sand, and the Pacific with its rich, granite and volcanic soils." All five shapes are exclusively made from a combination of the unique terroirs.

Cumpay 尼加拉瓜的精华,味道丰满柔和,用的是最好的本地烟叶。尼加拉瓜煙草是芳香豐富與極其微妙的結合,是力量與樂趣之間的完美配合。 難怪尼加拉瓜被描述為新的雪橇雪茄。 CumpayTabaco Segovia工廠生產。 在印度語的設想,一個居住在這片土地上的土著部落,“Cumpay”指的是捲菸葉。 Cumpay雪茄是Maya Selva的最新作品。

Cumpay- Churchill
Cumpay- 丘吉爾
7x 48 (20-Count Box)


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